Stratford Trip 2010

Yesterday our class went on a class trip to Startford to see As You Like It.  As You Like It is a play by William Shakespeare that is a comedy about mistaken identities and ends up to be a love story of many differnet couples.  Leading up to our class trip we studied the play so we had a better understanding of the play.  It was cool to see the play go from us doing a reader’s theater to being a big production.  Some highlights of the play were when Orlando kissed Ganymede- who was really Rosalind dressed as Ganymede pretending to be Rosalind- which made someone whistle, Touchstone’s mustard and pancakes speech and when the whole backdrop was sucked into the floor revealing the forest of Arden.

Our day was very busy.  We drove for three hours to get to Stratford.  Once we arrived we went to the waterfront to eat our lunch.  Once we were done eating we headed to the Shakespeare store and then, the theater.  After the play we walked around downtown Stratford  and visited the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  We then went to the Elizabethian for dinner.  After we ate we headed back home to Midland for another three hour drive.

Thank you to Mr. Trumpour, Mr. McGaughey, Mr. Bumstead and Mrs. Mitchell for driving us.

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