Stratford trip

On Tuesday October 19, we saw As You Like It at the Festival Theater in Stratford. It was really weird because at one point there was a moose, standing by a tree, smoking a pipe. There was also a guard wearing a wolf mask through most of the play. It was really funny though because at one point¬†Orlando said to Jaques “I do desire for us to be better strangers”. As you like it is a Comedy/Romance.

After the play we went to the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory. There I got an awesome tasting chocolate dipped chocolate brownie. It tasted AWESOME. Then we went to The Elizabethan Restaurant where i got a burger, fries, and a coke. We stayed there for about an hour, or so it seemed, then we went back to the cars and went back to school.

That is what happened in Stratford.

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